Angelique’s Story

Angelique—A Strong Woman 

Mar 2 2024

Born and raised in Democratic Republic of Congo, Angelique fled DRC for Kenya in 2015.  She was not able to study in Kenya. “My biggest dream was to come to the United States, continue my education, and become a doctor.”  In early October 2023 Angelique’s brother, also a refugee, was resettled in Harrisonburg and later that month Angelique was able to join him. Now they share an apartment and with her big dream in mind Angelique has made incredible strides in her first few months in the US.   

She got a job and works night shift so that she can take daytime English classes. Though she had never driven a car before, Angelique took driving classes through CWS to gain more independence and received her permit. She is saving money for a car and soon she will take the test for her license. (She wants more practice on Interstate 81 first!)   

Her weekends are mostly focused on homework, cleaning the house, and cooking food, though the weekend she was interviewed she had to make a trip to the DMV to sort out some paperwork.  Angelique was confident it could be resolved and planned to be first in line when the DMV opened.   

“I’m a strong woman,” she says, as she shares an award she received from her employer. Recognized for being a hard worker as well as her teamwork, ownership, and positive spirit among the staff, Angelique explains, “When I see that my co-workers need something, I go help them out.” When asked how she feels about her new home Angelique’s smile broadens even more. “I’m so grateful for the help I’ve received. I can pursue my dream here.”