Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun!

Nov 2 2023

Halloween Fun!  On October 31st, CWS staff member Rebecca Sprague, organized and hosted a Halloween party for our clients. Many of the individuals and families we serve come from cultures where Halloween is not a familiar holiday. This event held a special significance as it played a role in their cultural orientation, introducing them to American traditions and offering them a chance to feel embraced by the community.

Rebecca put together a truly memorable party that seamlessly integrated various elements of Halloween, from pumpkin carving to face painting, and neighborhood trick-or-treating. She created a safe and welcoming space that allowed our new neighbors to experience Halloween for the very first time alongside those who have enjoyed Halloween for years.

Rebecca reflected on the party:  “I’m happy to be able to share fun American traditions that involve children and community and learning all about their new country and all the fun things you can do with the kids, so I’m happy to have them here. I’m happy we can go trick-or-treating. I’m happy they can meet my neighborhood and all my neighbors.”

One of the most touching moments of the evening came when a parent shared that they have only seen Halloween on TV, and while they knew it was an American tradition, they never imagined their children would be able to participate.

CWS staff member, Jen Rafter shared, “The most heartwarming part of this event was getting to see the parents’ faces light up as they watched their kids have fun and enjoy the thrill of trick-or-treating. Most of these parents are here to find a better opportunities and future for their kids.”

We would like to thank Chantello's pizza, Strite's Donuts, Party City, Friendly City food Co-op, and Martin's for their generous donations. This event would not be possible without them.