Rotary Code Of Ethics Award Recipient: Yaseen Khazraj


Each year, the Rotary Club awards the Rotary Code of Ethics Awards to two students from each school in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. The students are selected based on their integrity, humility and overall commitment to bettering their school’s community.

This year, refugee Yaseen Khazraj, was chosen as the recipient from Spotswood Elementary School. Resettled in 2013 with his family, Yaseen says he worked hard to learn English, and is very proud of winning this award, only three years after arriving. He says, “You have to try to do your best and never ever give up.”

His father, Marwa, and his mother, Taha, say that they are proud of Yaseen and his accomplishments, and the person he is growing up to be.

In the awards ceremony held on May 9th, keynote speaker Deanna Reed explains that each student received recognition by their school because of their high ethical standards. She urged the students to stay continue to act ethically by “being different, by making the right decisions to do what you know is right even when no one else will.”

Yaseen’s hard work and commitment to his values have paid off, and has a message to his fellow refugees: “This is a good place. It is good here and if you work hard, life will be good.”