Bikes for neighbors

Bikes for Neighbors

July 25 2023

At CWS Harrisonburg, we are privileged to partner with other amazing nonprofit organizations in the community. One of them is the Shenandoah Valley Bike Coalition (SVBC), with their program Bikes for Neighbors. According to the SVBC Bikes for Neighbors website, the program began in November 2015 when a group of refugees in Harrisonburg identified transportation as a major challenge. The program provides working bikes and necessary training without charge for any individual in the community in need of transportation.  

CWS’s role is to identify clients that could use a bike as their main transportation in order to get to work, attend appointments, or run errands. Case managers are in contact with the individuals who run the program, and if SVBC has a bike that fits the criteria, they will set up an appointment with the client for a training session. During this session, the client learns local road rules for biking and good safety practices. At the end of the training, Bikes for Neighbors not only provides a bike, but a helmet, lock, and tire pump without charge as well. 

Transportation helps newcomers integrate into the community by providing a way to make connections. With a bike they can attend classes, visit friends, go to church, travel to work, and more. CWS is incredibly grateful for our partnership with Shenandoah Valley Bike Coalition and for all the work this organization does for our community.